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Built on Values

From our beginnings in 1981, Rick Hiton and Associates has been predicated upon four core values:

ONE APPRAISAL AT A TIME – Too often, appraisers rush through a property to gather data and end up not really listening to their customers. At RHA we listen and take our time to understand your and your client’s needs.

ONE CUSTOMER AT A TIME – While the majority of our business is for the secondary market finance world, repeat business comes from the homeowner. When appraisers from Rick Hiton and Associates visit a homeowner’s property, they realize that their demeanor is what the homeowner is greeted with, which creates the bond. Homeowners call back for estate, divorce, assessment, and market value appraisals based on their professional experience with our staff.

SOLUTIONS – With a large staff of certified appraisers who have an average of 18 years working at Rick Hiton and Associates, reaching out for consultation among our group is commonplace in order to provide the right solution for your valuation needs.

INTEGRITY – We practice what we preach above and it all shows up as our group of high integrity appraisers.

The Accurity Difference

Accurity United is the premier appraisal firm in the Chicagoland Area. As an independently owned and operated franchise of Accurity Valuation, one of the largest appraisal firms in the nation, Accurity United offers their clients a wide variety of appraisal services both locally and nationally. Our knowledge, expertise, and high-quality appraisal services is unmatched in the industry.